A Life of Voice 

As a kid, Alan Baxter was impacted at an early age by voice technology.  His dad was a radio & TV repairman, so there were always radios and other electronic equipment sitting around in his basement.  After figuring out how to hard-wire an old microphone to the speaker inside a table top radio, his imagination took flight. Alan began creating "broadcast" news stories, radio plays and commercials, simply for his own amusement.


As a young man, after 4 years of military service, Alan rekindled his interest in creative audio adventures by beginning a career in commercial radio broadcasting.  He was quickly promoted to the morning time slot and used his imagination and talent to create parodies of TV shows and commercials, comedic characters and song parodies as regular features for the morning radio shows that he created and hosted around the U.S.A.  This involved doing countless hours of voice work and audio production, writing a LOT of comedy, as well as doing characters and impressions. When HBO came along, they hired Alan to write a comedy special parodying commercial TV networks. The popular Baxter Morning Shows were heard on very successful radio stations in Denver, Orlando, Houston, the Boston area and more. 


Since stepping away from commercial radio, Alan has shifted into doing Voice Over work full time.  His voice and characterizations are heard around the world on websites, corporate presentations, animation, games, apps and audio books, as well as in commercials created for radio, TV and the internet.  Alan works from his own studio with top quality equipment to provide clients with outstanding results.